Monday, February 8, 1999

From The Idaho Statehouse

Apparently teachers all over the state were asked to force their students to write letters about how wonderful Idaho is to a relative or someone who lives out of state. Then copies of these letters were to be sent to the state capitol where they could be taped to the walls and people like me could read them. I copied this one down.

Feb. 8, 1999

Dear Sister,

Remember the time we tried to get the cookies at Grandma's and Grandpa's house? We ate a lot of sugar cookies and we were stuffed! We got no other dessert. SO we went outside to make a plan. We were so mad. I said, "Lets play a trick on them! We jumped in the mud we looked like brown, muddy, wet aliens. We said, "We are aliens." We got all the dessert we wanted!

Yours truly

Bonefish Sam is a retired Bahamas prize fighter.

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