Thursday, December 30, 1999

Jimmy Eight/Nine Fingers.

Jimmy had five days to save his dough.
Jimmy had six ways to play in snow.
Jimmy had nine fingers on one hand.
Jimmy makes castles and eats up the sand.

He picked up a hammer, and, alas
the hammer's weight kicked Jimmy's finger's ass.
He placed the blame of the event on a midget
who soon went to jail for the loss of the digit.

The midget was pissed and sat in his cell
thinking of Jimmy and his entrance to hell.
Revenge was in order, a scheme had been planned
for Jimmy who counts up to eight on a hand.

The midget has five days till he's out on parole.
Jimmy has six days to pray for his soul.
The midget has two knives covered with rust.
Jimmy eats sand and soon bites the dust.

Bonefish Sam is a retired Bahamas prize fighter.

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