Friday, November 5, 1993

Subject: frog, Message #35 - Misfit Lit (by J. Fish)

Once upon a time there was a frog. he was a happy frog, and lived in a pond with a wife +2 kids. He had a small house (not too small) and a fun yard (not too fun) and a dog (not too dog). One day, he died. his family, being fairly distraught, went to coroner Buddy and said "can we have him stuffed? he has a lot of freinds, and whenever they come over we can set him up on the couch." The coroner said, "Sho' nuff" And so he was stuffed. The family was having a nice dinner at home when..

BANG! the storm started again!

there was a knock on the door. Knock KNock Knock! there was a ringing of the doorbell. Ring Ring Ring!

a stranger entered and said, "Is the man of the house around?"

"why yes, here he is."

just then the Dog, whose name is MISTER MISTER SALTY said," Arf, he's nude!" the stranger responded by tipping his hat up, and saying, "Well, at least he's got his rent paid!"

And then they all laughed.

J. Fish is a music theorist extraordinaire.