Sunday, July 9, 2000

The Gibbish Dictionary.

alex n. the passenger seat of a car

amusement n. the smallest tangible measure of fun, equal to about one one-thousandth of a dollar. (see dollar and cirkus kid)

A-OK n. A method of writing, devised by the "Amerikan Ontologikal Kommittee" to reduce or eliminate the need for the letter "c", by replacing it with a"k" or "s". There are two schools of thought dealing with the "ch" anomaly--either using "c" to represent "ch", or using the "vx" combination. The method used depends on whether the writer's goal is to entirely replace the letter "c" or just to save letters.

august adj. sneakier than dearth

BeeGee n. any person whose last name starts with a 'B' or a 'G' (considered derogatory)

bigger adj. better

big top n. a gathering of Cirkus Kidz

blue stuff n.something that is good; the opposite of the pink stuff. (see the pink stuff)

Bolero n. sex

booty n. the organ in the body that controls the level of funkiness (only found in Cirkus Kidz)

breeze-trail n. something which is easy (see danger danger trail)

buddy n. 1. friend 2. enemy 3. person

interj. 1. a greeting 2. exclaimation denoting acceptance

adj. the opposite of grim

butt-shakin' place n. a lousy coffee shop [common usage: "One of them butt-shakin' places."]

Captain Zoom-Zoom n. 1. an overhead projector 2. a brave hero

Chef Hungry n. Chef Hungry

chief informal when used as a pronoun, the speaker is saying, "I'm an asshole."

cirkus fun n. the Cirkus Kidz method to having fun which exceeds all previously known methods of creating fun, including heroin.

cirkus kid n. Besides the obvious, a cirkus kid is a measure of fun equal to about 1,000,000 dollars (see dollar and amusement)

Cirkus Kidz New Year n. Official Cirkus Kidz holiday. It's a little known fact these days that the New Year occurs on April 1st, and the Cirkus Kidz still celebrate it on the proper day.

(the) cute noise n. the cute sound that all babies make in commercials

danger danger trail n. a difficult or foolish undertaking (see breeze-trail)

Day Without Pickles (also International Day Without Pickles) n. An official Cirkus Kidz holiday, a day when no Cirkus Kid eats any pickles, celebrated on January 2nd.

dearth adj. something sneaky

devil n. there is no devil, just a big jar of oatmeal cookies

dollar n. a standardized measure of fun. A given amount of fun is equal to the number of dollars one would have been willing to pay for it. (see cirkus kid and amusement)

Dollar-dollar n. another Cirkus Kidz-endorsed language, where dollar signs replace the letter 's' in words. When read, each '$' is pronounced as "dollar". The term "Dollar-dollar" comes from the pronunciation of the word "Dollar$", which is the most common Dollar-dollar word. The Dollar-dollar language is most commonly used by pawn shops and in a certain part of Springfield, Oregon where the letter 's' appears to have been outlawed.

donuts n., pl. a measure of wealth equal to 10 cents. Also, the phrase "donuts per hour" has come into usage, being a measure of wage. Someone making 75 donuts per hour is making $7.50US.

Evil Dead 2 n. 1. that which is bad. 2. a scale by which bad things are judged

facade n. a light pink color

fancy chef n. someone who makes more than $7.00 an hour (or 70 donuts)

folksinger n. lesbian

Fun Center n. The place in Boise, Idaho where all the fun for the entire world is created.

frabjuous adj. Old ladies' ideas of fashionable, i.e. glitter pens or puffy paint on fabric.

gagner (gon'yay), slang. "God made you to win"

Gator Hater n. Republican

Gatorism n. The main Cirkus Kidz' religion. For a complete description, writen by the 'Kidz themselves, see their Nu Gatorism page. Sometimes referred to as Nu Gatorism,they are virtually the same religion, separated only by about a week in their founding.

gay n./adj. homosexual

Gibbish n. The Cirkus Kidz' official supplemental dictionary. The word Gibbish is only part of Gibbish. Gibbish means Gibbish and then some.

gifford n. male sex organ (see regis)

(the) good hair sound n. the sound, "Aaawww!" that's made on shampoo commercials when the hair model swings her head, tossing her hair to one side

Good Lord n. or Good Lawrd, hard liquor

(the) good schtuff n. alcohol

gvidorekis n. the ability to move one's eyebrows indepentently

hail Satan interj. greeting for elderly or Christian

haulin' oats v. what a horse is doing when it's running fast

hip gland n. the organ that secretes the chemical that makes Cirkus Kidz so hip (found only in Cirkus Kidz)

hootinanny 1. n. any event involving one or more banjos, 2. interj. something to yell, especially at poker games

horse and buggy deeeeys 1. n., pl. the ol' days, 2. n. something to sing when drunk

hot bosch n. truth

hot lotto n. lies; misinformation

Horse On Snowshoes 1889 an important event in Idaho history

Ingrish n. 1. a language for the reading impaired 2. the Gibbish code language that involves swapping the meanings of English words

inspecting the plumbing 1. the Cirkus Kidz response to "what are you doing?" especially when Cirkus Kidz are up to no good. 2. using the bathroom

Jesus n. "One-Stop Shopping"

Jimmy (see Buddy)

joint n. the place in which someone is located or bends

juicemania n. A spooky cult of juice-drinking drones with hypno-spiralsin their eyes, led by the guy on the Juiceman infomercial with the hypnotizing bushy white eyebrows. He's an evil man who's poweris only kept in check by Jack LaLanne, our hero and friendly pusher of the Juice Tiger on T.V.'s Amazing Discoveries. (Among other things, such as, but not limited to, Jack LaLanne's Stepper, and Bonefish Sam's 1959 copy of "Jack LaLanne's Glamour Stretcher Time" blue vinyl record) Anyone happen to remember the Juiceman's name? Email it to please.

KitschNouveaux n. an art movement pioneered by Bonefish Sam and Admiral Kludge, that kitschifies their own valid art by way of cheesy gimmicks or unnecesary appropriation of kitsch subjects.

komeuppance n. a good tasting pastry

kösher adj. extra garlic

krajy adj. 1. something which is extremely annoying 2. describes a person who tries to act like a Cirkus Kid and isn't.

krunky adj. inconvenient; unusually or too large; unwieldy; rough; blocky; etc.

lexico n., pl. a group of rednecks "We stumbled upon a lexico of Texans..."

libido n. an organ in the body connected to the booty. Believed by some to be useless, it's the organ that controls the level of suaveness. (found only in Cirkus Kidz)

Love of Jesus n. "Love like my daddy never gave me"

Mike, Mike, whatcha doin? what one asks Mike to find out what he's doing.

muffin' v. being cute

(on a) nature hike having sex

Nu Gatorism n. See Gatorism.

nui-nui n. new, or nu (see yumma-yumma)

Ossifer Friendly n. any police officer

paradigm n. Kool-Ade

pink stuff n. something that is bad, as advertised by Equal (about Sweet 'n' Low) and Maalox (about Pepto-Bismol); the opposite of the blue stuff (see blue stuff, the)

playing the violin v. having sex

prizewinners n. pl. big, white hot dogs with strings dangling off the ends

psycho-ecclectic adj. describes media targeting certain audiences created by people unfamiliar with the target audience

puttin' people outta work something bad; what something that is bad does: This album by Foreskin 500 is puttin' people outta work!

qualité adj. describes something that is good

regis n. female sex organ (see gifford)

rizz off v. to masturbate (with vigor, as Admiral Kludge does)

Rogainebuddhism n. The world's second coolest religion, an off shootsect of Roggenbuddhism that is more interested in the guru's bald spot than in his clothes. They are seen with shaved heads in airports. (see Roggenbuddhism)

Roggenbuddhism n. The world's fourth coolest religion, which almost nobody knows anything about, including the Cirkus Kidz. It is known that Roggenbuddhism was started by a balding math teacher who wore goofy clothes at the Cirkus Kidz former High Skool, and that this church has since branched into a smaller yet cooler religion called Rogainebuddhism. (see Rogainebuddhism)

Room 101 n. a former band in Boise who sometimes got confused with Room 121

Room 121 n. bathroom

schlossberg n. penis

schweet! interj. a noise made by jocks

Somalia Day n. an official Cirkus Kidz holiday. On December 9th, Cirkus Kidz exchange completely useless gifts. The intention is to give such useless gifts that there are no hard feelings when they're thrown away.

smoke crack! interj. greeting for small children

stuh n./interj. Considered by Cirkus Kidz to be the stupidest-sounding pronouncible syllable. Used most commonly when talking about or impersonating stupid people (i.e. jocks). Also used as a replacement for the word "stuff" by stupid people. "I gonna go git me summa dat stuh!"

talvy adj. 1. moist 2. damp 3. warm and damp 4. cold and tacky 5. palatal

turkey jerky interj. something said by someone who is being scary

two treats in one n. blow job

(the) Ugly Corner n. the intersection of Orchard and Alpine in Boise, Idaho where everything is ugly and ev'rything that isn't ugly becomes so for the duration of the time it's there. It is believed that spending extended amounts of time at the Ugly Corner may have a permanant effect.

unix n. something that makes children

vallenaleks n. 1. the seat in the car used for sex the most often 2. an interesting relationship

wagon wheel n. a very large cinnamon roll

"walking the dog" v. urinating

wallets n. pl. often called "wallets" by the younger generation

wookies n. pl. treats for small dogs

Xmas n. the Cirkus Kidz' Christmas-like holiday where we don't celebrate the birth of Christ in any way. Celebrated on December 23rd.

yumma-yumma v. to like the taste of something. ["I yumma-yumma!" means "I like the taste of this!"] (see nui-nui)

zest n. a popular brand of soap

zoo v. to look at animals at a zoo

Cirkus Kidz are up to no good.