Thursday, November 16, 2000

Tell My Story

[One of our contributors was in a local grocery store and spotted a man wearing a T-shirt with a URL handwritten on it. We stopped at the nearest wi-fi spot we could find to look it up. It was crazy in ways we'd never imagined before. We searched the web looking for any clarifying information, and there was nothing. Nothing linked to this one-page marvel of a website. It was an island on the web, until Bosch's became the first to link to it. Sadly, the page is now gone. But we knew this would happen eventually so here is our backup copy.]


Do I live in a society were a homosexual can follow a man around and
try to force him to give up his religion and have sex for him? I wonder
how many Americans feel that I should be forced to give up God and have
sex for this homosexual. Are they not shocked at this homosexual's
obsession with my penis, but seem to support it and think that this
homosexual has the right to ex ray my penis and demand that I have sex
for him. It is this homosexual who wants me to perform a sexual show for
him. He is very; very rich so the price is right that is why all these
people are so eager to support him. That is why all these women are out
hounding me for sex CHEAP PEOPLE. In my religion women are not cheap
drugs that you take like a cup of coffee. I believe that women are
people. You don't pass them out like bottles of pop for fun. This is all
part of the moral decline of our civilization. Both Black and whites are
supporting this sickness. They have some kind of ex-ray device to look
under my clothing and see my penis. This is mental illness! This
homosexual is leading them in this. They think sex is God! It is moral
decline. When grown men start knowingly working for a homosexual
watching another mans penis we are in bad shape. They know there is one
homosexual man behind this whole thing. THEY STILL SUPPORT IT! GOD HELPS
US! I feel sorry for your children. Is this the world you are making
for them! SHAME! If blacks support this homosexual what does that mean?
It means that they are just as sick as he is. This could be the start of
something big! How is it possible that you are supporting a gay man, who
likes to follow another man around and watch his penis? Bad culture. I
am shocked! Have we lost all trace of human decency?


I think we all know these photos are fake just ask your self what do
they want the person in these photos to do. What do they want this
pervert to do? Are they telling you to keep your daughters away from
this animal? No it turns out that what this is all about is that they
are following this pervert around for sex! If these photos are real,
then tell me what good is more sex going to do a sick animal like that
anyway. But these people tell you that the man in the photos needs more
sex. That is garbage! Why would anyone in his or her right mind follow a
nut like that around for sex? You should run away from someone like
that. These pictures are false. We all know that. If I were the man in
the photos sex would not be the problem. These photos are a way of
making you share someone else's sickness. This homosexual's sickness!
These photos can be made very easily with adobe Photoshop or Adobe
primer filmmaker, on a computer; will make a picture or film of anyone
doing anything. I have always asked that these photos be officially
tested that means I get a copy of the results. They are forged, that can
be proven.


These backs & whites are all sitting up all night with a gay white man
watching my penis. They have some kind of x-ray penis detector, this
device allows them to see through my clothing and see my penis. They
claim they are watching my penis to get me out! How does that work? If I
wanted to get the guy out of the room next door should I drill a hole
the through the wall and bring a homosexual and watch the guys penis?
That is ridiculous! That is sick! They know that a homosexual likes to
watch another mans penis? Don't they know this! This will make the
homosexual hot!

These people are helping a gay white man freak off watching another
mans penises. They are providing pornographic entertainment for this gay
white man! They claim this guy is so sweet that they all like to watch
his penis all night! Sick nuts! This is a gay peep show! They all get
money from this gay white man to do this! They claim they don't need
him! Why would you go watch a guy's penis if you do not want him? They
don't want to get him out. I can leave but they all claim that everybody
all over the world does not want me! Pretty silly! They are not trying
to get him out are they! People could think that you're all screwing
around with this queer for money! How many other guys' penises have you
all been watching? I'll bet you did not need then ether!


What is really going on here? There is one homosexual who is a very
rich person who is using his money to generate this whole situation. It
is all generated by one man who pays people to do and act out these
things. This person is about 5' 7 and weighs about 168 lb. has light
brown curly hair and is medium build. His most distinctive feature is
his legs there is something wrong with his knees. He is from a very rich
family. His family would be very shocked if they knew what he was doing
with his trust fund. I see this person in every town I go to. He is
always there manipulating people with his money. He literally has
millions of dollars to use just to follow me around. HE IS INSANE! This
is his whole life. People here all know him. He has admitted to people
that he is simply obsessed with me sexually. He pays people as much as
three hundred dollars to lie on me. All the people who come to you and
say that I am some sick sexual pervert are nothing but paid puppets. It
is only money that makes these people say these things. They are paid
big money to do this. If you could take away the money this whole thing
would stop. It would stop. Do you really think that I am that
interesting? That grown men sit up all night and watch my penis? No body
sits up all night and watches someone's penis for nothing. If they do
they are crazy, they get money


Imagine that some very wealthy homosexual meet your 25 year old son and
just fell totally in love with him at first sight, and your son said,
Yuk No way I am not like that. This wealthy homosexual man leaves but he
is still thrilled by your son. After this, everywhere your son goes he
starts to have problems. Ugly rumors start to fly and everyone starts to
treat him strangely. Slowly he finds out that this wealth homosexual is
following him around and pumping money in to the situation. This is
really what is going on. THIS COULD BE THE START OF SOMETHING BIG? There
is one very wealthy homosexual who is completely obsessed with me. He
follows me twenty-four hours a day. He is insane! But he literally has
millions of dollars, so he can pay all these people to act out his
sickness. All these people both Blacks & Whites, are simply paid money
to do and say these things. And all they have to say is we don't like
him! About your son or me how convenient. This is all one twisted
homosexual on a power trip. This is not every body. This is one man!
This is not all homosexuals this is one man doing it all. My problem is
not his homosexuality that is his life. My problem is that I don't want
him in my life. This obsessed homosexual is behind this whole thing. It
is not everybody! It is only this one very wealthy homosexual pumping
money in to this and making it all happen. One man! He has got the
Marlboro man & Ice Tea on a leash a money leash.


I believe that the genetic code of the universe is set in the DNA
nature! Nature fixes man and women in the genetic code. God wrote the
software! This is GODS doing in all creatures. All deviation from that
format is perversion. Nature meant for man to be with women! Now, you
have the right to have sex with anyone that you want to, some people
even have sex with animals; some people have orgies with many people.
This is not nature's design. Nevertheless, you have the right to drink a
gallon of whisky everyday and smoke three packs of cigarettes a day.
That does not mean that you should do it! This is why it is called a
sin. It is self-destructive. I do not knock the whisky out of the next
guy's glass but I will not let him put it in my glass. I feel that
homosexuality is immoral not only immoral for sweet men but for all
people! You don't find the male lion going after the other male lion do
you. They go after only the female lion this is natural! All other
animals are the same they follow natures source code! Only wacky humans
do such strange sick things! How could we even be talking about
something like some queers wanting to force their homosexuality on
someone else! I knew this is what this gay liberation stuff would lead
to. Gays going after other men and trying to force their life style on
other men who don't want it! This is homophobia comes true!


I think that it is outrageous that these people can come here and tell
us that they are Christian and conservative, tell us that they are
fighting homosexuality. Then these same people will tell us that they
support this homosexual watching this mans penis all night. That does
not work. Why would they be getting with any homosexual watching any
ones penis! That is a contradiction of everything that you claim to be.
That you don't want this guy that is not the problem. For us it is not
about this guy. It is about this homosexual. We don't want that kind of
sick stuff going on in the community. It is the principle! It is sad
that you would get with a homosexual and watch the guy's penis, then
tell us that you are watching his penis because you don't want him! Is
this a joke? _That you killed some other homosexual means nothing, if
you now get with this homosexual and support him watching this mans
penis. You cannot walk on both sides of the street at the same time_.
We don't care that you don't want this guy. We don't care if you never
speak to this guy in your life. Tell us why you like this homosexual?
That is the question. You will find out that they don't want to talk
about this homosexual. They simply refuse to even talk about him at all!
They get money from this queer! It has got to be the puppy chow? CHEAP


To tell me that I must support homosexuality and racism because these
blacks or these interracial couples do. That is real racism! I do not
have to do what these blacks or these interracial couples do. This is a
free country. These blacks admit that they support racism. They admit
that they support this homosexual white man watching other men's penis.
Ask them they will not deny it. This is why I don't like these blacks
and these interracial couples, not because they black, and I just
worship white people! I feel the same way about whites that support this
queer! As to these black who claim to be my relatives I have no
relatives in this state they are all in Ohio! These people are sick
liars! I deeply resent the slur on my family name to say that my father
is watching his Owen son's penis with a queer is deeply offensive to! Do
you people really believe that you are watching my penis with my father
and a homosexual Do you really think this! This is hell bound! This is
too ugly! You don't see anything wrong with that? What kind of mind you
got! You could be molesting your kids if you don't see what is wrong
with that!


These blacks and some of these other people here are selling their kids
to this homosexual white man for sex! The mother and the father will
sell a young 10-year-old child to this gay white man for $300. Per. Hour
for sex! These people are sick. They don't even know that it is wrong.
They think this is normal they think that I am sweet because I hate
child molesters. I think these people should be sent to the bottom of
hell. They should at least at least be put in jail! They can get 25year
for child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor! This is
trafficking in kiddy prostitution!

Ask these people a direct question are you selling any of these minor
kids to this homosexual white man for sex? We need a yes or a no answer.
Don't duck the question. We need a clear no! We don't care if your kid
needs this guy or not. It doesn't matter! Are you selling these kids to
this gay man for sex yes or no? IT IS TRUE!


I would like to ask these people a question? Suppose a homosexual were
after my son, and you did not need my son, would you help the homosexual
watch my son's penis? To get him out? My son is 25 years old he is a
very sweet kid! Would you help the homosexual if you did not need my
son? You are my son's people! They would do it, all it takes is money!

Look at these people who fight this sickness. They are not doing it for
me. They are fighting for there Owen children. They are fighting for
AMERICAN CULTURE. It is not about this guy, it is about this homosexual.
We don't want that kind of nut stalking other men around the community.
We don't want it! We don't want him stalking Greek or Hawaiian men sweet
men sour men or anyone. IT IS NOT ABOUT THIS GUY, IT IS ABOUT THIS

These people were offered the same money that you were. They need money
just like you do. They are just not willing to become cheap whores for
this queer to get it! These are pillars of the community. They are
holding up the building of our civilization.


So what they are really supporting is homosexuality! They are
supporting the right of a homosexual to go after your son. But only if
they don't need your son. I do mean your adult son over twenty-five. To
day me tomorrow your son. All it takes is money$$$$ CHEAP PEOPLE $$, In


This is the first time that I know of in American history that a man we
all know is homosexual could go after another man sexually in the open
society. Were every one knows what he is doing. They all know he is a
MILLIONAIRE HOMOSEXUAL. They all know he is sexually obsessed with this
man and they still let it happen right in front of every one. This could
be the start of something big! This may be an historical moment! This
could change our history completely 8-18-1996 Ithaca N.Y.



Do some people really think that God supports this? You know that is
not the bible teachings! You are not a real Christian! The bible teaches
that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination! That you don't want me
is not a sin! But you're getting with any homosexual and supporting and
helping him watching anyone's penis is a major sin! If you don't want
me does that mean that I cannot serve God anymore and that I should give
up on God? I don't need you permission to serve God? Who do you think
that you are? You are not a real Christian? GOD WELCOMES ALL TO SERVE
HIM? You don't know God! Do you really think that God supports you
watching this mans penis with this homosexual child molester? Do you
really think that God supports that? You know that is not the bible
teachings! All Christians know it, even sinners know it! You are not a
Christian! Repent!


This is wrong this is a threat to the whole culture! The problem is not
that you don't want this guy. The problem is how. They want to get with
a homosexual and watch this guy's penis all night, and call that hate.
That is not hate. It is impossible to hate someone buy watching there
penis with a homosexual. This homosexual is using these situations were
a bunch of guys are after someone because they don't like the guy as a
lunching pad for his sexual ambitions. This is a completely different
situation. This homosexual has admitted that he likes this guy sexually!
He has admitted it. I feel that changes everything! This is nothing but
stalking and sexual harassment! It is a HATE CRIME He is attacking the
dignity and the sexual orientation of this man. How should this be dealt
with? It should be dealt with just as if I were stalking your daughter
around town peeping in her house watching her take a shower! What would
you want to do to me? Any straight man doing something like that would
ether get him self killed or put in jail! Every man in town knows this.
I think the same thing should be true for gays as well. This is simply
stalking and sexual harassment! It is against the law!

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